Friday, November 09, 2007

One Lone Sock

Yesterday I left my sock at the knitters meeting! I may have been too distracted by the autumn beauty of the surroundings - the meetings are held at the Visitors Center of Meadowlark Gardens in Vienna, Virginia, which makes our knitting group the luckiest in the world - the "knitting corner" overlooks the gardens and woods. It was a crisp, clear fall day, and I walked around the woods and garden trails for a little while before the meeting. Then I sat down and knitted and chatted, cast off my socks, showed them off proudly, and had to leave a bit early, leaving this lonely sock abandoned in the middle of the table! Luckily a kind knitter took it into her knitting bag and e-mailed me that evening, sending me this picture to assure me it was safe. More pictures -- and the pattern -- will be posted when the two socks are reunited once again. Thanks to Carol Miranda, the Guardian of The Sock!

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